7 Artistes Contemporains Français

The catalog that includes articles and selected works from the exhibitions of Babou, François Righi, Jean Zuber, Michel Aubry, Osman, François Bouillon and Anne-Marie Jugnet, organized by Gallery Siyah Beyaz in the 1992-1993 season under the title of “7 Contemporary French Artists”, in order to show examples of Contemporary French Art to the Turkish audience.

Language: Turkish / French

Photographs: Alain Jean, Christian Bahier, Michel Aubry, Frédéric Delpech, Alain Auzanneau, Jean Barzille, F. Walch, J. L'hoir

Translation: Hasan Polat

Cover Design: OSMAN

Design: Giséle Trembleau

Print: SMI, René Barzilay