Orası Kamusal Alan - Siyah Beyaz Tarihine Kişisel ve Kolektif Bakışlar

Siyah Beyaz Art Gallery, which has a place in Turkey’s contemporary art scene with its exhibitions and various activities since 1984, has prepared a book of documents, “That Space is Public Space”, within the scope of its 30th anniversary, in the light of the interviews with and evaluations of cultural professionals who had established an organic relationship with the history of the foundation. The book, prepared by Evrim Altuğ, consists of four chapters: "Readings and Testimonies", "Scenes", "Focuses" and "Interviews". It includes general evaluations and investigations related to the art scene of Turkey and the world at the time, through history of Siyah Beyaz. On the other hand, it makes evaluations about the reflections of some of the exhibitions opened in the Gallery on present day with the documents of those exhibitions, as archives and the inventory of the articles about those exhibitions. The interviews of 45 people including gallerists, art critics, architects, academics and journalists have been put on the record as a written history of contemporary art memory of Turkey.

Project Director: Sera Sade

Author: Evrim Altuğ

Book Design: Aslı Altay, Future Anecdotes Istanbul

Redaction: Hande Oynar

Interviews: Evrim Altuğ, Murathan Özbek

Portrait Photographs: Murathan Özbek, Veysel Değertekin

Book Advisor: Yılmaz Aysan

Film, Print and Cover: Rekmay